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Welcome to Kline Studios! Created by Eric Kline in the summer of 2002, Kline Studios has made over 40 movies, shorts, or skits (not including a television show "DIEPART" which aired from Spring 2006 to Spring 2007 (Public Access Channels in Des Moines and Iowa City, Iowa) and "Seekers of the Paranormal" which started in summer of 2007 to 2009)."Paranormal Endeavors" launched taping in early Spring of 2010 and still in production.
  Kline Studios has branched into the music field. In Summer 2007, Kline Studios Music was created. This branch of Kline Studios makes the music featured in the movies and shows from Summer 2007 to present. Kline Studios Music has some samples from soundtracks posted in the "Kline Studios Music" link to your left. Significant updates, whether it be news or spoilers related to Kline Studios, will be posted on this home page, directly below. Thanks for visiting Kline Studios!
Eric Kline
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Important Bullying Message
<--Taking a moment away from the usual production/entertainment to do a public announcement on a very important issue.
Paranormal Endeavors is a research team that was created in March 2010 and it investigates the spiritual and scientific sides. Kline Studios tapes a documentary on the side to educate and present. For more click on the Paranormal Endeavors link on the left, in the film strip. Paranormal Endeavors now on Facebook: Para Endeavors
Paranormal Endeavors Chapter 1 Now Available, for ordering email director@klinestudios-movies.com or Facebook: Paranormal Endeavors
It has been an exciting and interesting first ten years. Having boredom and not much to do in the rural area of Iowa, Eric Kline developed a creative side early on. Before Kline Studios was officially launched, Eric was setting up play sets and creative backgrounds with G.I. Joes and even his hamsters and taking still photos of them in such a particular way. Many people don't know that still photography launched Eric into video. In Early August 2002, Eric recieved his first camcorder. Back then it was a HI8 format camcorder, one of the cheaper ones. He had shot some footage with it with his friends. He then turned his interest toward stop stick animation. In the fall of 2002 Eric made his first feature length movie called "Assassins" which was about some soldiers sent in to take out a rogue army force. This was done with little action figures about 4 inches tall, made of cardboard and paper. The second movie was "The Great War" which was about World War II. In 2003, Eric mixed some real life footage with animation in his first trilogy called "The Phenomenal Rebels," (which he remade in 2004 and 2005 with all real life actors). In 2005-2006 Eric made his first feature length documentary about the real life disaster that hit his home town of Woodward, Iowa. An F-3 tornado had devistated the southern edge of town in November of 2005. These are just some of the projects completed in the first decade. The next decade already has some juicy and creative projects in the works, thanks for viewing and stay tuned!
Bullying has been an issue since the early days of man. It is particularly disturbing when it is happening in our schools and to our youth. The problem has blown up to a point that some would say our schools and educators are not trained to deal with this issue. Take a look at the short piece about the matter and decide.
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Paranormal Endeavors is now located at www.paranormalendeavors.com Official new site! Some production clips and updates will still be located here, on the Paranormal Endeavors link on the left film strip.
Kline Studios The First Ten Years Tribute Clip!
Clips from short movies, feature films, documentaries, ect. from the first ten years. These are highlights only, a few things not included, but also some new, unseen footage!
Celebrating the first 10 years 2002-2012!
Paranormal Endeavors Chapter 2 Now Available! Email director@klinestudios-movies.com for more information or message on Facebook to Paranormal Endeavors to start the order process.
Severe Weather Alert
Severe weather season is amongst us here in "Tornado Alley." Eric is an active storm spotter and this short documentary reveals the road to storm spotting, including some personal encounters with mother nature, Woodward tornado in 2005 being an example. *caution, some images may be disturbing to some viewers*
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Recent Updates
June 2013
A Veteran's Story
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A Kline Studios exclusive, with many veterans from the second world war passing away, arguably some of the greatest war heros of the past century, we sat down with two of them, both in their 90s. Meet Dean, a Navy Corpsman who assisted on the Pacific front, and Vern, an engineer who assisted on the Eurpean front.  Their memories are nearly 70 years old but still very powerful.
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Woodward Tornado: 10 Years Later
On November 12, 2005 an F-3 Tornado struck the small town of Woodward, IA. At that time Kline Studios's Eric, did a feature length documentary, the most important work by Kline Studios at that time. Fast-Forward 10 years, Eric recieved a warm letter, hand written by a resident from Woodward who recently came across the documentary and shared her thanks. This lead to a follow up story. November 12, 2015, Kline Studios goes back and does one more follow up report from the town of Woodward, IA.
Full complete story coming soon!! *Watch the preview by clicking the link on the left             
Paranormal Endeavors Chapter 3 Now Available! Message us on Facebook: Paranormal Endeavors or email director@klinestudios-movies.com