Metaphysical World
Examining The Misconceptions of The Paranormal.
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Shooting an interview on location in Illinois.
Eric and Jackie (cohosts and paranormal researchers) on location doing interviews.
Eric getting shots on location.
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The next big single project for Kline Studios since 'The Morse Mill Project.' With the expanding paranormal community, some misconceptions and issues have expanded with it. From fly-by-night teams poping up, to psychic scams, to the media glorifying demonic activity, those of us who have been in the field long enough have or will notice some things that just make you shake your head in disappointment, shock, or anger.
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    "It was time to face the facts and explore the realities of this field in hopes it will educate and raise awareness, especially to the young investigators starting up in the generations behind us," stated the producer and cohost, Eric Kline who leads a team called Paranormal Endeavors.
Early Release October 31, 2013 Wide Release December 2013!
This project started with a general layout in October of 2012. The shooting started in Bentonsport, IA at the Mason House Inn for the 'Haunted Properties' segment of the movie. "There were many topics to discuss and examine. So many controversies and topics to explore that Jackie and I had to pick certain ones that felt like a priority to cover," Eric explained. The final run time is over 2 hours and that is after deep compressing of it. Kline Studios had a goal to reach 2 hours, but ended up reaching 3 before the deep compressing. They didn't want it to be a series-style documentary, but instead a stand-alone feature.
Each segment has its own look. The 'On The Street' segment, which interviews the general public on their perceptions of the supernatural, has a soft, warm look to symbolize the warm and fuzzy perceptions that are common in the public; those who are unattached to the paranormal directly or are not affiliated with a team and have no field research experience.
The 'On the Front Line' and 'Realities of the Dark Side' segments have a darker, cooler feel with rounded edges to symbolize the "tunnel vision" or how specifically things really are.
The interviews share the opinions and views of those specific individuals and do not reflect the views of Kline Studios Production or its affiliates.
Kline Studios has been asked about the possibility of any sequels and the official response has been that there is plenty of material out there to explore and investigate but let's see how this one does. "We definately hope this raises awareness and educates on a broad level of issues in a compact package," stated Kline Studios.
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