Director Steven Lachance talks about The Morse Mill Project on FOX 2.
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The Morse Mill Project
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There was a lot of effort, time, and creativity used in this project. We wanted to lay down authentic story telling with a dose of reenacting to give it a nice touch. The link to the left, of some never before seen footage, shows the production team and director working together with our actors. Production began in the fall of 2008 and ended nearly a year later in 2009.
The story sets in Morse Mill, Missouri, about an hour west of St. Louis. Back in the 19th century, a serial killer was born. A woman named Bertha Gifford, Missouri's first female serial killer, cut the lives short of nearly 2 dozen folks. Some debate on the actual numbers of people she killed. She used arsenic poisoning to kill children, the middle aged, and the elderly. She was viewed as an equal opportunity killer.
However, she viewed herself more like a mercy killer, or angel of death. She was well known in the area, dressed in white like a nurse, and made house calls. Unfortunately, she was taking the lives of those who others thought she was healing, at first, but her actions got the best of her and she was caught but didn't spend the rest of her days in prison, no, she was found to have had some degree of insanity and spent the rest of her days in a mental institution.
     The Morse Mill Hotel itself has a very interesting and active history as well. Besides being a place of stay for Bertha Gifford, it became a speak easy during the prohibition years with several famous people stopping by such as Charles Lindbergh and Charlie Chaplin.
     Fastforward nearly 80 years, a present day paranormal team was organized and deployed to the old Morse Mill hotel to see what paranormal or "living history" may still be there. This location was new to paranormal research at that time in the production. The team, lead by violent haunting survivor, Steven Lachance, psychic medium, Jacqui Carpenter, spirit medium and sensitive, Eric Kline, over a dozen other researchers, a historical team, and current and past owners of the building joined together to venture into this unknown and surprisingly active location.
A Chance Production and Kline Studios Production Directed by Steven Lachance  Executive Producer Jacqui Carpenter Video DP Eric Kline, Music by Kline Studios Music, Assistant of Photography Elliot Lachance and Jeff Carlson and Shawn Litton, Wardrobe Beth Cory and Andrea Lafrieniere
Copyright 2008 A Chance Production and Kline Studios Production
The 2009 premiere of "The Morse Mill Project" took place at Mansfield Reformatory in Ohio. The clip above shows a sample from this exciting time.
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