Kline Studios Music
Kline Studios creates its own music, composed by Eric Kline.
Below are some sample clips from different soundtracks in order of most recent to music in the past.
Seekers of the Paranormal Season 1
Classical, horror, healing, easy
Seekers of the Paranormal Season 2
Classical, Horror, Healing, angelic
From Allies To Berlin
War, Classical, Action, Redemption
Black Winter
Self Album - Healing, Classical, Dark Rock, Atmosphere
Copyright 2010 Kline Studios Music
Paranormal Endeavors
Classical, Dark Rock, Gothic, Mystical, Healing
The Morse Mill Project
Classical, Spiritual, Suspense, Horror
Paranormal Endeavors Chapter 2
Classical, Mystical, Spiritual, Healing, Horror
Metaphysical World
Horror, Suspense, Classical, Alternative
Believe Album
Rock, Alternative, Inspirational
Spring 2007
Spring 2008
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Winter 2008
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Spring 2010
Winter 2011
Winter 2012
Summer 2013